T-Shirts with Clerical Collars

For the last two weeks people have been asking me where I got a T-shirt with a clerical collar. 

Cross designs.

4 Responses

  1. nearly £40!!!

    Exodus 28:2

    ‘Make sacred garments for your brother Aaron, to give him dignity and honor.’

    Wesleys notes on this verse

    28:2 The priests garments were made for glory and beauty – Some of the richest materials were to be provided, and the belt artists employed in making them, whose skill God, by a special gift, would improve to a very high degree. Eminency, even in common arts, is a gift of God; it comes from him, and, ought to be used for him. The garments appointed were, Four, which both the high – priest and the inferior priests wore, viz. The linen breeches, the linen coat, the linen girdle which fastened it to them, and the bonnet; that which the high – priest wore is called a mitre. Four more which were peculiar to the high – priest, the ephod, with the curious girdle of it, the breast – plate of judgment, the long robe, and the golden plate on his forehead. These glorious garments, were appointed, That the priests themselves might be minded of the dignity of their office. That the people might thereby be possessed with a holy reverence of that God whose ministers appeared in such grandeur. That the priests might be types of Christ, and of all Christians who have the beauty of holiness put upon them.

    Interesting reading I reckon…..

    still not sure of my own feelings about clerical wear

  2. I wear it for such a small portion of the time that I’m never going to wear it out!

  3. haha yeah i suspect i would wear it even less!

  4. Little point wearing it out whilst blogging 😆

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