new Dress new Bag new Shoes new Phone new Man and still not Happy.

Check out this great new video from Do The Green Thing.

We were just discussing whether our freshly expressed churches were fostering disciples or breeding consumers….

2 Responses

  1. and what did you conclude? Did you assess your established churches for the same issue and see differences? Interested to hear about that.

  2. Ahhhh. On reflection I now see the ambiguity of my statement and how you may have taken offence.

    We have no conclusions, it was a discussion. We were talking about ‘our’ fresh expressions – the ones we had come to talk about – the ones we are involved in. We had questions . Not many answers. All very post-modern.

    The conversation was with the diocesan missioner and we were discussing the Cathedrals new ‘fresh expression’ started by him. He offered the question as they are at the beginning of the venture. He was concerned that we appear to be creating and selling product rather than inviting people to take part in a journey of discipleship. We are in a consumer culture and we can’t operate in that manner about God.

    God is a person.

    That is what I loved about arriving home and finding this wonderful video in my inbox. Sometimes we just want to take everything and keep it for ourselves. We need to be counter cultural about that.

    I can assess the ‘established churches’ if you want but it would kind of go against the purpose of this blog.

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