Women in the Emerging Church

I think I will just leave it as a direct transcription of the Emergent Kiwi’s tweet.

Are all those people that throw rocks at emerging church for being male-centric blogging this? http://christianity21.com/

2 Responses

  1. Rob – my bigger beef is that emergent here in the states is US Centric – also this line-up is still pretty white and highly educated. We seem to think that the only learning can be gleaned by those with a Masters degree and above. And if you do the math, you’ll see that pre-financial crash almost all the books published were by men (it’s hard to assess the atmosphere today as acquisitions are down all around) not to mention the vast majority of the speaking/consulting gigs.

  2. Welcome BeckyG 😉

    I think that you have a different perspective on things being from the US. I have to admit that most books are written in a very US centric style. I tend to be quite forgiving as I know that where I come from has a big impact upon the different types of observations I make and the analogies I use.

    One thing I have noticed over the last few years about the emerging church is that when all is said and done, there is a lot more said than done!

    I want to see some action and less conferences 😆

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