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  1. “The French philosopher and Talmudic scholar Emmanuel Levinas has based his ethical philos­ophy on the sense of responsibility for others that originates in the face-to-face encounter. Only by looking at someone’s face does one properly appreciate his or her vulnerability — a vulnerability that cries out not to be harmed.

    The quick-fire argument on the internet has cut itself adrift from this sensitivity, and has become cruel. This is why too much time going through blogs and comments can be bad for your spiritual health.”

    Interesting point. And yet essentially, blogging is part of life. Historically speaking, whenever the Church has disengaged from any given form of communication/media/technology, it has simply cut itself off from its own grass-roots, as well as those on the outside it seeks to serve.

    Harmful or not to one’s soul, blogging exists. What is more harmful, I think, is to decline to engage with the world around oneself…

  2. Good point. I tend to agree that people worry themselves into a corner where we refuse to leave.

    I think one of interesting points about blogging is how publicly vitriolic it is. Each person is generally commenting from their own home where they feel most secure. The internet asks us to believe that everyone else has been invited into our house without realising that we are invited into everyone else’s house simultaneously.

  3. A few words from Dave Walker

    If I get time tomorrow I have a few more thoughts on blogging and…. any form of media really.

  4. […] Based Blogs and Internet Communication Posted on May 7, 2009 by Robb After to my recent post about Richard Giles brief article for the Church Times about how blogs can be bad for the soul I […]

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