Church of England Stands Against BNP

Further to my earlier post, it would seem that the BNP are determined to keep implying that we are supportive of their racism and far right policies.  Fortunately following on from the CofE’s insistence at synod that BNP support is incompatible with the priesthood, the clergy are actively getting involved.


Should have checked my email.  Ekklesia have more news on the church’s response in West Yorkshire.

3 Responses

  1. It seems a great pity that even the Church has been infiltrated and you wonder why the buildings are empty!

    The BIS and the IMF are a team! They have common banking statistics. and common external website (JEDH) and here (the OECD and the World Bank are also in it)
    Reichsbankchef Hjalmar Schacht cooperatimg with Rothschild agents Dawes and Young! As Mussolini (perhaps) said: When Corporations and state manage us it is fascism!
    The G20 proposed the SDRs of Rothschild daughter IMF as a precursor of a world currency – the BIS having already for years been using the SDRs as its currency. So, it seems that Rothschild now has the western economies entirely in his pocket. But there is a joker in Rothschild´s game: China, which is the unhappy owner of 1.9 trillion dollar reserves, is no buying copper (for hybrid cars of the future) in large quantities with that money – instead og SDRs and gold! The first probably does not please Rothschild.
    The Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have created the current crisis, as the Wall Street Crash did in 1929 – has Fed Boss Ben Bernanke previously admitted. 3 members of the Board of the European Central Bank are also on the Bis Board.
    We are on our way to the fascist world government

    A Fascist Government we already have and you worry over the BNP.
    Fabian Fascism, is still evil and still Fascist!


  2. If you really think that the church standing against racism brings shame on the church, I say I am proud to hang my head in shame with a middle eastern man.

  3. Good for the churches – they reacted with a measured and thoughtful response. I hope Christians vote in great numbers in Yorkshire against this horrible scare-mongering.

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