The Brick Testament

This is quite an old resource but it is done so well.  I had forgotten about it since my teacher days when I used it quite a bit.  All of my facebook friends suddenly became last suppers and footwashings and it reminded me.

[Anyone reading this on any other day – today is Maundy Thursday in the Catholic traditions]


4 Responses

  1. Catholic traditions?

  2. Yeah – you’ve never been a real nonconformist have you?

    Timbo’s church doesn’t even have a service on Christmas day 😉

  3. I have used these in sunday school but heavily edited! They depict the bible in ALL its truth, so when the spys stay the night with the proistitute they stay the night with the prostitute!

    But they are fun

  4. Yeah. But as any teacher does, you need to pick the bits that meet your objectives. I tended to pick one pic for the whole thing and use is as a backdrop to the rest of the lesson.

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