Not in My Name

I meant to blog this sooner but have been snowed under with Holy Week.  This is appalling!

I am quite frankly appalled.  Anyone who can equate Jesus with the values of the BNP has no knowledge of Jesus.  Grab a bible and start reading.  This line of theological enquiry didn’t work in Nazi Germany and it wont wash here!

As we reminded people at holocaust memorial day and I say again now, the Nazi party were voted into power within living memory.  We are not ‘modern and enlightened’ and beyond these terrifying things as this poster clearly demonstrates!

You have a voice, use it!


15 Responses

  1. absolutely ridiculous…

  2. Well I hardly think it works as an advert. You look at it, it says “What would Jesus do?” you think to yourself “not vote for the BNP that’s for sure…”

  3. i am deeply offended by this advert. How dare they say that Jesus would agree with their views.

  4. Jesus does not get into politics. And when He does get into politics, there will not be any voting, AMEN!

  5. And when he does get into politics there will not be any BNP.

    What do you suggest would be an effective way to protest about this? Is it an ad in a local area or is this going to be a national campaign?

  6. It will predominantly be aimed at areas like this part of West Yorkshire. I live with this nonsense on a regular basis. I walk out of the flat in a cassock and the downstairs flat are hosts to a BNP poster at election times.

    I had to vote in the last election to oust the current BNP councillor. I had to teach RE in this area and encountered out and out racist attitudes on a regular basis.

    The best advice I’ve got?

    1) Be informed. Check out the link I gave in the first comment.
    2) Be honest.
    3) Be calm. Don’t ever lose your rag ina debate as it means you’ve lost.
    4) Be strong.

    Remember always that Jesus was a middle eastern man who preached tollerance and love for his fellow human beings.

  7. How utterly preposterous!

    But…well,there is part of me that thinks that by using religion they might actually shoot themselves in the foot, since a lot of people will look at it and disregard it as ‘another load of religious claptrap from a bunch of bible bashing nutters’ and not realise that it is a political poster… else all those street corner chapels would be bursting at the seams.

    Sorry, clumsily put, but you know what I mean!

  8. I do know what you mean unfortunately.

    Jesus presence on an advert should symbolise something revolutionarily not something dull. How have we pulled out the teeth of our faith?

  9. “How have we pulled out the teeth of our faith?”
    Have you ever heard of Fr. Sepharim Rose?

  10. Sophia – I haven’t heard of him. I’ll give the site a look!

    More on this BNPness here. Suprisingly it is the grauniad as well!

  11. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you suggest some more resources please?

  12. Which article? The main one? There are several links in the comments.

  13. […] of England Stands Against BNP Posted on April 22, 2009 by Robb Further to my earlier post, it would seem that the BNP are determined to keep implying that we are supportive of their racism […]

  14. […] let the BNP try to claim Jesus as one of their own.  It is time to stand up and be counted!  Get out and vote and use your cross […]

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