Ordained Pioneer Ministers

I’ve just read an article in the Church Times about Bishop Graham Cray.  He has been appointed to take over from Steven Croft heading up the Fresh Expressions movement.  He has something very interesting to say about the relationship between Ordained Pioneer Ministers and the inherited church.

If you are creating a fresh expression of church, you need to understand the system before you move out of it.  You need to speak the language of the institution, and know how to deal with archdeacons and rural deans.  Pioneer ministers are loyal radicals, who push the boundaries of the church from within.


7 Responses

  1. Hmm. Have to say I cannot agree!

  2. Ok, I went to the Church Times website and did the search on Graeme Cray, and guess what it came up with?……Deceased Notices!!!!!!!

  3. Why?

    It is a feature in issue 7617 entitled “learning to be pioneers”.

    “When the Rt Revd Graham Cray becomes Archbishops’ Missioner and leader of the fresh expressions team on 1 May, he intends to work himself out of a job…”

    I couldn’t find it on their website either. I have a strange old fashioned looking papery thing…

  4. well it worked for a while for the Methodist Church!

  5. “Working yourself out of a job” or “old fashioned papery things”?


  6. actually i meant being a fresh expression of a church that was failing to connect with people and how it was ‘pioneered’ by an ordained Anglican!

  7. Oh the problems of the internet when you don’t know someone in real life 😆


    Of course mate. You’re totally right. Shame those who followed in his footsteps dragged you all away 😆

    If you’re not living on the edge you are taking up too much room.
    – No Fear

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