More Bus Stuff

Well here we go.  Now the trinitarian bible society have put the KJV on buses.


3 Responses

  1. Are they promoting ‘their’ version of the Bible, or God, or both? I am not sure if God needs his corner to be fought in this way, or if its a good thing as it stirs debate. Do you think it stirs debate outside of church circles?

  2. The Battle of the Buses – surreal!

  3. If it does stir a debate I suspect that the debate is not the one intended. The video clip stirred a debate within me certainly. Mostly I have to say I veered towards the argument “I can see why she would have a point”.

    I doubt very much that anyone looks at them and debates “shall I go to church” with any convincing line of enquiry other than “no”.

    Possible debates that this stirs:

    “How petty can people look in public?”

    Here is the good news: You are a fool.

    One possible reason for using the KJV may be the lack of copyright.

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