Funeral Music

Apologies to anyone who isn’t from the UK or anyone who doesn’t watch soap operas.  I just watched Jack Sugden’s funeral in Emmerdale.  They ended with John Lennon singing “Imagine there’s no heaven….”

I find this sentiment a little bizarre.


5 Responses

  1. Bizarre…and yet not that unusual, I suspect.

  2. I know of a priest who didn’t let it get played in a funeral service. So that would be at least two people who thought it appropriate – and two different responses.

  3. The thing that made me crease up laughing was the super imposed figure of Jack stood at his grave it was hilarious.

    I couldnt quite work out how they linked it with the lennon thing, maybe they ran out of ideas.

  4. I guess it is wrapped up with the actor dying in real life.

  5. Strange. What can you say, though . . .


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