Postmodern Beer!



18 Responses

  1. you found it! but what does it taste like??

  2. I need to find a real life tasteable bottle of postmodernity! I will seek it here and seek it there!!

  3. i’ve tried it, got a bottle from sainsburys………sorry but it was rubbish

  4. It’s all about the lable!!


  5. oh dear, form over substance again!!

  6. Aaaaargh – Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😆

    I thought we spent 2 weeks trying to find the substance 😀

  7. Dang, disappointed again ……..But don’t let it stop you exploring new territory again – in the beer aisle or elsewhere….:lol:

  8. A fresh expression of beer 😀

  9. that sounds derogatory 😥

  10. Drinks with mint in them! they’re the way forward i tells ya!

  11. the fact that the beer was rubbish (duyttyo) and then you called it a fresh expression…….;-)

  12. I was actually following your advice to explore new territory in the beer isle.

    duttyo – I’ve had one of your drinks with mint in. It was a very fresh expression!

  13. Eek, don’t follow my advice, you never know where that might lead you. (well, to the beer aisle i guess….)

    I confess I dislike drinks with mint in them. mouth-wash fulfills that need 😆

  14. You shouldn’t be drinking mouthwash!

  15. everyone’s drinking them now though…..I need to find a new drink to take to parties and continue as a trend setter!

  16. 😆

    This statement reminds me of a girl I knew as a teenager. She once told me that she really liked Stiltskin right up until the moment when Levi Jeans made them famous. Then she went off them.

    I can only assume that the album became crap when people started to like it.

  17. Well its cheaper than creme de menthe – AND has added health benefits?!

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