Worship Idea 16 – Have a Smashing Time

If you are looking for a different way in which to pray for repentance, how about doing it in a dramatic and violent manner?

For this you will need to get some cheap plates and permanent markers.  Ikea or a charity shop will be a good place to get very cheap plates from.  Using the permanent markers, each person is invited to write their sins on a plate.  For the absolution, everyone then comes to smash their plate against some rocks.

Think about how to make it safe – we don’t want to have a Greek Tragedy.  Don’t have everyone coming up all at once.  Put sheets down so that all of the broken crockery can be easily gathered at the end and then throw it away.


One Response

  1. That would be as good as a visit to the bottle bank. Beware flying shards of china tho.

    I’ve used a shredder for the repentance section of a prayer room a few times – go to the cross first, repent, write it down, shred it to symbolise forgiveness then wash hands in a bowl of water – summat like that anyway.

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