Old Age

It turns out that old age is coming to get us.  We didn’t think it would but it will.  Old age is coming and we should all be afeared!!

5 Responses

  1. You know you are getting old when you prefix everything you say with, “I remember when…”

    I remember when they used to always talk about ‘best butter’. I don’t know which butter was the ‘average butter’ or ‘crap butter’

  2. I bet your Dad remembers ‘best butter’…

  3. I remember my Gran talking about best butter. She used to make scufflers and scones for aftrnoon tea and have a double stacking plate with a little silver pillar in the middle that she adorned with cake when special guests (me and my brother) arrived. She would also let us go to the pop van and choose something green…

  4. Aah, them wert days! When Grans were just there, like, all the time, with biscuits and all manner of goodly things…before they were all high-powered business women in the ‘City’

  5. Ha ha! I can just imagine my Gran being a high powered city person!!

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