Inspire Worship Gathering

As we come to the end of a pretty dismal summer, Inspire in Morley are returning to their regular pattern of main meetings on the third Thursday of the month at St Peters Church.  On the 18th of September there will be a cafe gathering based upon the greatest commandments.  It would be really good to see you there if you can make it.


How Does the Emerging Church Deal With Babies?

It has come to my attention that the emerging church is starting to age a little.  It is not that it doesn’t attract younger people any more, more that the younger people of yester-year are now older.  With this comes additional responsibilities like marriages, mortgages and……. babies.

So how does the emerging church cope with babies?  It is not as though many alternative worship events offer crèche facilities.  So what does the emerging church do with all those young mums and dads who want to be part of an emerging community and worship at an alternative service?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address…

Hot Leg Support Extreme

I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with anything but I just found out that Hot Leg are supporting Extreme.   I already have a ticket to see Extreme!  I went o see Hot Leg a couple of weeks ago and they were brilliant!  Here’s a photo of Justin Hawkins strutting his funky stuff that night!

Notice the crazy mans tatoo of the logo for a DX 7 keyboard.  Now that’s commitment!!

Incarnation in the Emerging Church

Whilst at Greenbelt I managed to get to lots of talks on the relationship between the emerging church and society.  One of the most interesting points that I heard whilst there was about the need to be incarnational.  As part of our journey we are to become more like Christ.  As Jesus was incarnational, as we become like him we therefore become more incarnational.  This seems to be directly opposed to some views of discipleship that create an almost separatist view of the Christian journey.  We often hear the phrase “in the world but not of the world” as a justification for spending time avoiding contact with anyone who is outside of the church.  This would seem to be incongruous with our need to be incarnational.


This incarnational growth also has wider implications for the emerging church from an ecclesiological point of view.  The emerging church is often in danger of being seen as a repackaging of church services for people who can’t engage with Sunday Morning church.  However, it needs to be much more than that.  The Emerging church needs to be encouraging disciples who follow Christ.  This is why ‘new monasticism’ is having such a big impact upon the emerging church as people are more interested in the man at the centre of faith rather than the trappings that the church has placed around Him.


Lets grow like to be like Christ, relate to the world in an incarnational way like Christ and interact within it in the manner of Christ.