Theological College

Just thought I’d share some pleasing news with the world.  It would appear that I am heading to a theological college for a year.  I aim to be the most theologised man in this quadrant of the galaxy 😉

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  1. “It would appear…” makes it sound like you are a helpless pawn in someone else’s dastardly plan. Are you really being MADE to go there? Is there some “Save Robb from theological college” campaign I could join to support you?

    Oops. I’ve just read the word pleasing in the first sentence – you’re obviously not distressed after all…

  2. The Robb has spent most of his adult life in one form of theological education or another. The Robb would make big noises if it was a massive problem and take up computer programming. The Robb is very pleased indeed to be spending another year in a theological college. In fact, it would be fair to say that The Robb is delighted.

    When things are to do with the wonderful institution that is the CofE it very often is the case that you are a pawn. Until Tuesday afternoon I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m still not certain what I am doing… but I know that I am doing it – and I am doing it from next Tuesday 😀

    The first question I have is “Do I have a house and are you expecting me to move into it?” Once I know that I know whether to pack all of my stuff into boxes by the end of the week and give a months notice on the house. At least I don’t need to quit my job!

  3. So is the aim that you will be ordained at the end of the year. Is that how it works? Or do you then have to be farmed out to placement churches for a bit?

  4. Yes, I’m complicated but yes, 1 year (9 months?) and then ontological change 😀

    The vein in my head may pop as I need to move house in a few days time and 6 days notice was a bit…. interesting….

  5. Great news Rob,
    So pleased for you.

    don’t get too stuck into the books and lectures keep up the good blogging too!

  6. No problemo Phil. I have to admit that the academic side of things isn’t the primary focus of my time here. Once I unpack all of the boxes the blogging can resume 😀

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