Hadron Collider

As I am sure you are all aware, the world may end this week.  If it does, at least you can now have a nice look at some photos of the machine that killed you.  If anyone sees four guys on horses, let me know!!

Beware the one swear word in this clip from mock the week!


5 Responses

  1. my fave quote about this is from Prof Brian Cox of Manchester University, who played keyboards with D:Ream, whose hit Things Can Only Get Better was adopted by the Labour Party as its 1997 election anthem.

    He said members of the team had received death threats, adding: “Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a t—.”

  2. Good post. The mock the week clip is funny, and I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the “Black Hole Machine” too – thanks for that link.

    Twice (in 1979 and 1990) I visited CERN and went underground to see the the particle accelerator. A family friend who was a professor of nuclear physics took us (boast boast). However, for the record, in case anyone is somehow reading this after the world ends tomorrow, I didn’t touch anything – it wisnae me!

  3. I will keep it in mind…. if the universe is destroyed 😉

  4. Not dead yet! Yay!

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