The Dark Knight

I went to see The Dark Knight on Monday and it was really good.  Heath Ledger’s performance was amazing – this is what a truly psychotic mad man is supposed to be like!!  I highly recommend going to see it for that alone.  I also loved the messianic under/overtones.

My only criticism is that since the batman films had to abandon the comic book world perpetuated cinematically by Tim Burton and enter the real world, the costume doesn’t quite fit.  That said, Batman without the costume is just ‘Man’.

Some people can take it a little too far though.

PS I still wont place a DC Comics catergory on my blog 😆


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  1. Sorry to be a pedant, but I doubt the Joker would meet psychiatric criteria for a psychotic illness. Someone suffering from psychosis would be too chaotic to make the kinds of plans the Joker did. I suspect he would probably be diagnosed with a personality disorder, possibly including traits of ‘antisocial’, ‘narcissistic’ and/or ‘schizotypal’ personality disorders – that is, if you wish to be tied to psychiatric diagnostic criteria…

  2. Ruth…..does he look like a man with a plan?

    anyway i still think Batman is a bit like Jesus but with a better motorcycle!

  3. His bike was well cool!!

    Ruth, Graeme has a good point. The whole point of what the Joker did was to put paid to the schemers. Didn’t you listen to what he told Two Face?

    Anyway, why so serious? 😉

  4. Yes, but he had a very well designed plan to do so – think about the bank raid at the beginning and how each accomplice had orders to kill another, or the boats with the explosives. These weren’t easy to set up! He definitely had a plan!

    So serious because I’m a serious kind of person 😉

    As Jesus was the ‘son of David’ I can only assume he inherited David’s motorcycle…

  5. So Jesus does have a cooler motorcycle – despite it’s oil leak!

    “The mob has plans. The cops have plans. Gordon has plans. They’re schemers, all trying to control their little parts of the world. … I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are.”

    That said, this blog points out that “The Joker condemned schemers and planners, but nearly the entire plot of the film was his careful orchestration and the responses to it — responses that he predicted with great precision and accuracy, and used as the basis for further scheming.”

  6. Ok, I’m convinced to go see The Dark Knight…

    This article also shows a great analogy to the gospel in the film.

    I like your blog…

  7. Oops, I got the link wrong in my previous comment. It should link to


  8. Thanks for the compliment. Great link ther, thanks a lot!

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