Death of an Institution

Sorry, this will mean very little to anyone inside of the USA.  Some people become so ingrained into the psyche of a nation.  One of these people is Clive Hornby.  It doesn’t matter if you watch Emmerdale or not, for the past 28 years Jack Sugden played by Hornby has become the iconic image of British farming.  Clive Hornby died today at the young age of 63.


4 Responses

  1. Hey Robb, since when was Emmerdale FARM big in the States? Note the FARM. Probably before your time, young fella-me-lad, but I remember it when Annie Sugden’s kitchen provided most of the action, aye that and t’ Woolpack under the expert management of Mr Wilks and Amos Brearley. I remember Jack’s Grandad (though Jack was off the scene then, brother Joe was holding the fort at home). You could almost smell Annie’s home baking – that woman was constantly cooking. Ee, them wert days…

  2. Carole – you know what? I was interrupted on my last day of work whilst I posted and I wrote the complete opposite of what I intended. I have corrected it now!!

    Was Joe the guy who shot himself accidentally by catching the gun on the handbrake?

  3. Joe’s dead? You could have broken it to me a bit more gently than that, you insensitive fiend!
    Nah, it’s a long time since I’ve watched it but according to wiki you are probably thinking of Jackie Merrick. Joe, it seems, died in a car crash.

  4. Jackie’s dead!!! How can you break the news to me like this!!


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