Crazy Confectionary

I am trying to come up with a tenuous worship idea where I can direct you to this crazy site.  They will print a photo onto your M&M’s.  I was really happy to find out that they will also sell you a bag of each individual colour.  I think that it could really help roadies out in an emergency.


8 Responses

  1. what about getting some with

    ‘Taste and see…..’

    printed on them and then getting people to taste them while showing a video with things that we can be thankful to God for and reading pslam 34

  2. Good idea. Or we could invite people to take the blue pill or the red pill… but that is a bit old now….

    the most important thing is that I now nolonger have to beat people to death using their own shoes. Nasty business really….

  3. especially if it’s someone with really little feet…like if they were only a size 3…that’d take ages!

  4. could you get a cross printed on them and use them instead of wafers? much tastier…

  5. I suspect that it may contravene canon law 😆

  6. you could use them like that in a Methodist Love Feast…..

    …i always want to advertise Love Feasts outside our normal congregation just to see if lots of hopeful and soon to be very dissapointed people turn up

  7. Ah yes. 😀

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