A Generous Orthodoxy

Following the weighty tomes I had to read for my dissertation, I have decided to read something for my own pleasure.  To that end, I have finished with Brian McLarens manifesto on Christian unity, A Generous Orthodoxy: Why I Am A Missional, Evangelical, Post/Protestant, Liberal/Conservative, Mystical/Poetic, Biblical, Charismatic/Contemplative, Fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Green, Incarnational, Depressed – Yet Hopeful, Emergent, Unfinished Christian.  I have to say it has been an inspirational book.  I have always been hopeful for Christian unity within a church that is more often seen to be ripping itself apart.  I always find that this can become a primary focus for Christians that detracts from what we are actually supposed to be called to. 

It has been necessary for McLaren to focus solely on the positives of each tradtion within Christianity and see the distinctive nature of each denomination or movement as adding something constructive and creative to the body of Christ.  This means that he does not give the criticisms that we have come to expect as the focus for many.

McLaren has a great humility within his writing style and this is a refreshing change.  He argues to move post-division.  His aim is post-protestant convergence through a real dialogue that is post-liberal and post-conservative.  A ‘generous orthodoxy’ sees a real movement forward for the church through fostering a love for one another and a missional outlook.  But don’t listen to what I have to say about it, go and read it for yourself!


5 Responses

  1. “Challenges facing Christians today are too strong for a divided church” – Rev Dr Samuel Kobia.


  2. “There will be no peace among the nations without peace among the religions. There will be no peace among the religions without dialogue among the religions.” – Hans Küng

  3. you read that for pleasure?……….you loser!

  4. I am a loser yes. I read theology for pleasure. I’m sorry. The Kung quote comes from my head of department. Kung is his “favourite theologian”. I haven’t gone so far as to classify theologians into preferential categaries 😆

  5. I forgot to say that the first thing I read was Slash’s autobiography, Ultimate Spider-man 11 (Carnage) and Being Liked by James Alison…. then I read A Generous Orthodoxy

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