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  1. apparently i should be an orthodox quaker! Followed by mainline to liberal christian.

    To be honest, many of the questions i wanted to answer with ‘sometimes’ or ‘in certain circumstances’ or ‘what do you mean by ‘revere’?’ The questionnaire was not very well designed with just ‘yes/no’ answers when so many of them cry out for something in between! Or maybe that’s just me.

  2. I think that is most people Dr Ruth. The problem is that people in both extremes of the church and outside of the church want to compartmentlise something as intangible as faith.

  3. i scored the same as you Dr Ruth….bit concerned that i came out as 79% Mormon!

  4. duttyo – did you tick the box in favour of having more than one wife?!

    I think this all just goes to show you can never be too careful…

  5. just watched this

    doesn’t have anythin to dowith this blog…just thought it was very. very interesting

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