Catholic Community

Well here we go with a light hearted start to the week.  I was searching the church news on Ekklesia when I cam across this article about a new social networking site aimed specifically at the Catholic Church.  The Church is truly becoming hip and with it!!

I particularly like Dom’s profile picture 😀


3 Responses

  1. Hip? I’d like to know his hip size if that is the size of his bills!

    As a card carrying RC I would never willingly join anything called Catholic Community. It looks like something from the young conservatives.

  2. 😆

    I have to admit, the start page looks a little [did I say little?] cheesy. I can’t help thinking that it is an attempt to reinvent the wheel.

    It certainly amused all of my colleagues when I emailed them it with the sign off line “courtesy of your favourite little schismatic” 😆

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