Modern Cultural Groups Within the Emerging Church

This is possibly the most disturbing news I have seen in a long time.  Unfortunatly it does have a direct implication for the Emerging Church.  As we engage with culture within the context of church it creates in groups and out groups.  Is this always a good thing in a society that can react with such violent consequences towards people who are part of an identifiable cultural group?


3 Responses

  1. groups are reality in any large group situation. i think it is the responsibility of those smaller clicks or groups to be open so that they do not look like a click. open to change, open to new people. all that openness can only be positive.

  2. I first read about this when the case opened a little while back. I was standing at a bus stop reading an account of it and felt utterly sickened and upset, a feeling which has to a certain extent stayed with me since. I suppose it resonated more with me having a daughter of a similar age. I have seen a brief interview with the young woman’s boyfriend and he said he wished they’d killed him, too. The mother of one of the teenage murderers was criticised for laughing during the trial – this is what you are up against. It’s like you were saying last week on ASBO about the milk of human kindness running out where these people are concerned. I cannot fathom out why anybody would enjoy being so brutal to innocent people, still less why anyone would not understand the gravity of the matter sufficiently to behave in an appropriate manner. I am finding it hard at the moment to play the forgiving Christian. A few months ago there was a case of a man in Warrington being literally kicked to death by teenagers in front of his own teenage daughter over something trivial. Not far from where I live an alcoholic man in his 30s was pushed into a bonfire by a 13 year old boy. His charred remains were discovered the next morning. The boy (who cannot be named for legal reasons, blah, blah..) attended court dressed in a track suit, flanked by two youth workers – don’t you think they would have got him some suitable clothes for the formal occasion? I hear on the grapevine locally that he has had a shite time of it in his life. My faith tells me one thing but my humanity tells me that giving him a lethal injection might be best for all concerned.

  3. Tyler – Thanks for your comment. I can totally understand what you mean. I think that ‘church’ by its very definition as a group creates a sense of ‘other’ (those outside of the in group). I think that this is something that we need to strive against in our congregations whether ‘traditional’ or ’emergent’.

    Carole – I totally understand your feelings – I share them. When I read the article all I could think was ‘there but by the grace of God go I’. I have to admit I have come against this kind of violence on a number of occasions and find it highly intimidating. Fortunately I have always been able to either remove or protect myself from the situation. I find it sickening that this is a court case that highlights a growing problem in the UK as an increasingly large group of thugs.

    I find it really hard not to use all of the words that have become infamous by association with this underclass.

    Sick is the only word for it.

    It does bring to light the problems associated with cultivating a distinct cultural group within a church.

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