Dirty Mother

Looks like something is happning in the North.  More specifically it is happening in Manchester.  Dirty mother is a month long exhibition in Nexus focused on climate change.  It is a partnership between Christian Aid, Sanctus1 and Nexus.

You now get to be i the priestly role and hear my confession.  I hadn’t really heard of Sanctus1for a simple reason.  I sport a white rose and they sport a red one.  In the north of England the pennines form a pretty convincing barrier.  We are united by the most congested section of motorway in the UK.  As I contemplate going on retreat near Warrington this weekend I am daunted by the prospect of getting past Ikea and around Manchester within any useful time frame.

So here is my pledge.  I will try to be a better networker and see what is happening on the other side of the hill.

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