Alternative Worship and Emerging Church in the North of England

The inspiration for starting a blog a couple of years ago was a challenge by Jonny Baker to get the alt worshippers together in the north.  At the time I was in the North East but now I am in West Yorkshire.  A community of alt worshippers is starting to develop near here and I was wondering who to put them in touch with.  So here’s my question: 

What is going on in and around Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield or Manchester that is I any way alternative worship, emerging church or fresh expressions?

I think it may be time to start I directory of events and communities in and around the M62 corridor and up and down the A1/M1 areas so that we can promote a sharing of good practice.


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  1. oo oo oo yeah this is a good idea! get cracking so that when i start in Leeds i have loads of ppl i network with

  2. OK, We have one for the future on the list. Anyone else know of anywhere or anything? It would probably be good if you linked to your myspace page!

  3. Does your area include York?

  4. May as well 😆 I would possibly even say Middlesbrough is close enough for people to network as it is just over an hour away. In the other direction, there is Sheffield too. Plenty of big places. There has to be some stuff going on!

  5. There’s a strong group called Sanctus 1 based in Central Manchester.

  6. Thanks Tom. They have been added to the page.

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