Worship Idea – 24/7 Prayer

This is such a good idea what when I first heard about it I thought “duh!  Why didn’t anyone think of that before?”

Worldwide there is a phenomenon springing up called the 24-7 prayer room.  Churches are picking weeks when they can get enough members of the congregation who can look after the church in shifts for a whole week 24-7.  That way the church can remain open for the whole time and people – any people can walk in an engage with God.  We should be praying constantly and this provides an opportunity for people to do just that.

If you are in a more traditional church like me (Some of us can’t get away from those great big stone buildings in the centre of town) you have a ready made 24-7 prayer room anyway.  People expect the established church to be praying don’t they ?!?!

I recommend some decent advertising and maybe some flyers.  Try to encourage people to come and pray in your church.  This is an ideal way to encourage those who see the church as a ‘religion’ to experience it as a spirituality. 


2 Responses

  1. Yes, Robb, when I came back from Spring Harvest in 2002 (I think), me and my friend, the then Anglican Associate Minister’s wife were all for setting up a prayer room. I’d heard Pete Greig speaking on it and felt inspired. Suffice it to say, it fell on deaf ears and so we moved on to other things. About two years later, someone else (a more cool and ‘listened to’ evangelical said, “Hey, just heard about this 24-7, why don’t we do it?” (I’m not bitter….honest) So the Anglicans have been having a week long prayer room each year since. It is held in the Vicar’s office which is a good sized upper room in the church hall. People deck it out with a prayer wall, flip chart (de rigeur!), pens, paints, pencils, spiritual classic books, maps, info on international prayer needs, obligatory bean bags, a big cross, soft lights, the usual stuff. About a fortnight before, they send mailboxes to all the local churches for prayer intentions. These are collected together and pray-ers pray for them when in the prayer room. The various groups book a slot and have their prayer meetings there and we Catholics have had a mass there and done night prayer. Individuals sign up for an hour at a time. It is very positive experience every time. The only problem is that no-one ever signs up for the graveyard shift so it is left to the stalwarts to do nights. It is in a bit of an out of the way location so it is not conducive to passing trade, though.

  2. I’d do nights… heck I’m here now!!

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