Worship Idea – Random Acts of Artwork

Back in the days when people used myspace I had a friend request from an anonymous person using Banksy style graffiti art to spread the Christian message.  More recently I had the same guy contact me using facebook with new artwork that has been used in and around the streets of the north west.  Now I know what you are thinking, spraying on walls isn’t a good idea…

What he is doing is spraying overtly Christian designs onto cheap canvasses and art boards.  You can get them cheap in shops like the works publishers outlet at the moment for around a pound.  They are left on the street with a sign saying if you like me take me home.  On the back is the website address so that the new owner can check out more when they get home.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the post about this Robb, i’ve actually now moved into the Leeds area and i’m planning to do a drop on the streets in the shopping areas of Leeds city centre some time before Christmas. I’ll let you know when!

  2. Excellent – hopefully I can increase my collection. Will there be any Advent/Christmas themed ones?

  3. What is the website address for the art please?

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