One thing I hardly ever mention online is what qualifications I have.  I don’t really think it is relevant.  People have the ultimate freedom with the internet – you are either talking rubbish or you aren’t.  By this point you may well have clicked that little cross at the top right hand corner of the browser.

 One thing I have noticed as I wander the internet and interact with people is that in many ways there is no personality to it.  People don’t know anything about you and don’t often really care about who you are.  There are so many flame wars between people that say things that they would never dream of doing in real life.  There is however, a strange Christian version of this in which people play a game of virtual Top Trumps.  Whenever a theological debate starts people often try to bolster their argument by claiming their qualifications.  I guess this is very much in keeping with the reformation tradition of wearing an academic gown and hood to preach from the pulpit.  I guess I notice it most when a really contentious issue is approached and hackles get raised.  As soon as someone approaches the question of sexuality or gender for example, the more tightly people claim their pieces of paper.  I just find it all a little strange…


4 Responses

  1. This made me smile!
    I wonder if there should be any more categories – can’t think of any offhand but I’m sure there are other areas of importance to consider…

  2. See what you can come up with 😉

  3. tea capacity?

  4. 😆

    What about cake to people ratio?

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