Big Brother

Like a big 1984 type joke the met have released a new poster campain:

You can get a link to the actual campain here.  I guess we need another vehicle for racial harassment in the UK as we don’t have enough anyway.  A terrorist wandering around with an SLR and a tripod taking photos?

This discussion at Leeds flickr group threw up this gem by breakbeat

I think he/she will have some hi-tec james bond-esque camera inside a pen-you’ll never see it-type camera… you’ll think she’s powdering her nose but really, she will be recording your every move in Hidef! You think he’s reading the daily star for the titty pics, but really he just recorded the keycode pad for the building you entered…

Watch out for all those damn commies people!!


10 Responses

  1. Wow, the British government really goes over the top. A blogfriend of mine has even an album on Flickr where he puts his shots of surveillance cameras here in Germany. What would they do to him? Should I turn him in?

  2. Yep, totally over the top. I can’t believe how people can happy slap to their hearts content with a camera phone. As soon as you want to take a shot with artistic merit you are deemed to have unnatural interests.

    If I were you I’d shoot him. It’s the only way to stay safe.

    Interestingly, in the UK you can find the location of most town centre surveilance cameras by looking for the planning permission. And anyone complaining that you are shooting a long exposure shot of an industrial area needs directing to mulitmap satelite coverage…

  3. This has of course sparked a lot of funny parodies. I guess that is what happens whenou target a group of people with a high skills base dedicated to digital imaging with a poster campain. 😆

  4. Hey, thanks for the parodies link. That is the greatness of the internet – almost immediate reactions on dumb campaigns.

  5. There’s currently a major issue brewing with newspaper articles daily about people being harassed for taking photos. This ranges from people on private property where they are legitimatly not allowed to take photos to people being given illegal stop and searches by officers who make the law up as they go along.

    I think there are so many photographers up in arms because they are not being treated fairly. The asumption is that you are taking pictures for illicit purposes. Like you can see from my flickr stream, key information for terrorists 😆

  6. An interesting link to a piece of quite scary film!

  7. A further update, an MP has tabled a motion that the house should stop ill informed police and community support officers from harrassing people who are taking photos.

  8. Time to make our minds up!! Do you want us to take photos or do you not want us to take photos?

  9. More news on BBC. Looks like this issue is going to run and run.

    This is an important issue. A friend was recently assaulted by 6 security guards/shop assistants for holding a camera (without even taking a shot) in a public street. The decended upon him from their various places of employ into the public place to commit the assault. The police were summoned and decided that instead of dealing with the assault they would perform a stop and search upon him and treat him like a criminal because he *owns* a camera. It is time that people (Police, PCSO’s, security firms etc) were made aware of the law with regards to this. It would seem that people are making it up as they go along with the over riding presumption that photography is an illegal activity and the law is on their side. It isn’t.

  10. Here’s another case. Grounds for stop and search? “Grey hair”.

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