Worship Idea – Prayer Café

An interesting café has developed in a Roman Catholic Church in Croatia. At first it seemed a lot like the café church model that many churches have been experimenting with here in the UK. With a closer look, it seems to be an interesting twist on the idea and a good way of reaching out to the youth in the area. The drinks are not paid for by presenting cash but instead by saying a prayer. Have a good read of the article and see if it is something you could incorporate into either your church or as a one off in an act of worship.

8 Responses

  1. Great idea, except for the hail mary which I can never bring myself to say when visiting RC churches, maybe in a non-RC church the menu could suggest topics for prayer instead of pre-written prayers (e.g. for the church, the world, healing, etc)?

  2. That is a good suggestion. I think I was trying to say that the idea is a transferable one. Hopefully it cn inspire people to adapt it to their own situation. I would go with the suggestions. Not that I have anything wrong with some of the more ancient liturgical forms of the Roman church.

  3. It’s interesting that it was aimed at the young people already in the church, rather than primarily as outreach.

  4. Indeed. I wonder how it will continue to develope in the future…

  5. do u think it gets close to legalism?
    i pray, therefore i receive for a good work…
    i dunno, probably looking into it too much.

  6. I don’t know. I suspect that it is more likely just an affirmation. We all respond to possitive feedback. How many years has the church said “If you don’t pray then…”. I think it makes a refreshing change to possitively affirm someones prayer life. It’s a bit like a star chart. Obviously these are still kids that are involved…

  7. we were talking about what our church is going to do for the summer festival this year and came up with the idea of allowing people to use our car park

    the twist is instead of paying for parking their car on our grounds they would be asked to come into the church and pray at one of the alt. worship stations we would have set up. they would then take a sticker to put in their car window………

    Pray and display!!

  8. Wow, what an excellent idea!!

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