Sticking it to the Man

Apologies for the apparent lack of posts.  The Man (Ofsted) reared his ugly head and has taken away my life for the last week.  If it has taught me anything, working from the moment you wake (6AM) until the moment you get to bed (0057AM at last count) is not a good idea.  What is most annoying is that for all of the additional paperwork they asked us to do, I didn’t even have an inspector stick their head around the door.  I did all of the bad stuff and didn’t even get the reward of a pat on the back and a ‘well done’.  Oh well.  Hopefully it will be at least 6.5 years until I see them again.

My plans currently are:

a)      Get a curry.

b)      Get the snapped redscale film out of my OM-1 so I can get it developed

c)      Go to the pub

d)      Be in bed before 10PM

After that, normal service at changingworship will be resumed.



As I have been taking photography a lot more seriously I have set up a blog for some of my photos at Sutherland Photography.  I have also started selling prints of my work through Red Bubble.  Obviously there is only one shot there at the moment but the collection will grow over time.

Band Names

This is a bit of an announcement – my band have picked a name.  We shall henceforth be known as Silverthorn.