Why start a new alt. worship event?

I have been asked to “be involved setting up an alt. worship service” in a church “aimed at the 20-30’s”.  This raised many questions for me – such as are the 20’s-30’s an appropriate target group and should we be looking to see what the demographic of the area is?  It has made me get back to basics and dig out Dan Kimball’s emerging worship and start putting together the list of key questions that I need to be asking at the meeting we are having next week.

  • Why are we going to do this?  Us it just to jump on the band wagon?  Are we just trying to be hip and groovy and down with the cool cats?
  • Who is the service going to be aimed at?  Are we just looking as supplementing the worship of people who go to other congregations or are we being missional?
  • What is the relationship between this service and the rest of the church?  Are people just going to see it as a way of funnelling people into the ‘main’ Sunday services?  What about finances?  What about the long term planning groups….etc…
  • What about the ongoing spiritual journey?  Is there going to be any additional structure for the people attending the service?  How are real relationships going to be fostered?
  • How are we going to organise the services?  Who is going to be involved and how do you get them involved?  How do we facilitate people as they develop the social capital to be involved and use their gifts?

The list goes on and on…  At least I will be prepared to ask the difficult questions.


4 Responses

  1. my guess is that most things will become much clearer when you are over the age at which you are expected to be interested in / allowed to attend alt wshp.

    raw? moi? nivir….

  2. It is a bit of a tangent to talk about the way we deal with our youth but what the heck…

    We keep bandying about phrases like “they are the church of the future” without considering them the “church of now”. We totally disempower our youth and reap what we sow when they choose to vote with their feet as they become old enough to break from parental control.

    We set up a system where our youth never attend a church. Then we put nothing in place to replace the ‘safe space’ that is the rebranded sunday school (trekkers or whatever). They get dropped by many churches into a sunday service that is completly alien to them. Then people wonder why they leave…

  3. in the words of Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon (quality film!)

    ‘It is like a finger pointing to the moon, dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory’

  4. A very good point!

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