The musings of a bored not-a-housewife.

Appologies for the doom and gloom of the last few posts.  I have just realised that they are very negative in their outlook.  It is time for something possitive! 

Along that vein, my wife has made the decision to leap into cyberspace.  She has been lamenting that her life isn’t interesting enough to tell people about or that it is too confidential to tell people about – the problem of her profession I guess.  She has decided to chronicle the process of starting a new band with all of the associate humour that goes with that.  If anyone has a name we could have (so far we have got Roquiem and Jet Set Willy as suggestions) let me know.

 Ruth has of course looked into the statistical possibilities of the band and produced some graphs:


Go and have a look


8 Responses

  1. Can i suggest you up the cheesiness again and add Midnight Train by Journey to your repertoire?

  2. Hmmmm, not often someone mentions a song in the cheese genre that I don’t know. [slopes off to find it and listen]…

  3. If it’s cheesy rock you’re after, it can only be one thing – Roque Fort…er, yeah, sorry! Blame ASBO 357.

  4. LOL!! I haven’t had chance to log on for a couple of days. Off to ASBO it is!!

  5. ‘Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere!’……….feel the cheese!

  6. ‘Feel the Cheese’

    Is that a nice hard cheese like edam or a soft and squishy cheese like brie? I could feel a nice brie! 😀

    I think that may be a good name for a band!!

  7. what? feel a nice brie?

    St Agur Blues?

  8. LOL!! Brilliant!

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