Dealing With Others

I was reading a post on ASBOJesus when I saw a phrase that stopped me in my tracks. 

Christians still tend to shoot their wounded.

How true this often is.  When someone does something wrong we tend to cast them out.  It is also the case when it comes to theological debate.  There comes a point where one party or the other says “away from me foul beast, you are of the devil”.

How did we end up here?


2 Responses

  1. I think we just forget the power that comes along with forgiveness and reform. The Bible says that those who have been forgiven of much–LOVE much. Those who sincerely appreciate forgiveness–are powerful because they walk in such humility and love.

    Peter is a prime example. He bounced back from denying Jesus and was later used powerfully by God in the early church.

    We ended up here because perhaps we were forgiven of little. Or maybe we think we were forgiven of little.


  2. I totally agree with you. Look at Nicky Cruz for example. It is only when we are freed from our past that we can go on to do work in the future.

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