Worship Idea – Easter Communion Service

As I contemplated writing this I thought “This is completely the wrong time of year”.  We haven’t yet had Epiphany!  Then I realised, with Easter so early in the year we’re nearly in Lent!  So here’s a worship idea to contemplate over the coming months.

A friend of mine told me about how they used the Easter morning communion service to bring home the resurrection message.  Instead of the usual red wine reminiscent of the crucifixion, they used white wine to show the redemption God brings three days later.


Obviously there are some for whom this may be a big deal.  However, if they are given warning it could be a very powerful symbol.


2 Responses

  1. blimey i got in trouble one morning because we had an usually large congregation for a communion service so i suggested we used continuous procession instead of our usual rail-by-rail pattern!

  2. I bet you’d get in trouble for suggesting a common cup 😀

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