What does your sign say about Grace?

I was wandering around town before Christmas when I stumbled upon this. 

It really struck me that what the sign mostly says is “we don’t like other Christians”.


4 Responses

  1. The most tragic thing of all is that they don’t even realise that that is how they come across. We have a couple of churches like this in my locality. They refuse to be involved in any ecumenical activity (which is about as big a judgement on everyone else as you can get). Even if you don’t agree on everything, it is good to find some common ground and work together. One of the churches flirted fleetingly with the idea of the fraternal and even sent a pastor to a few lunches – but the error that they refused to compromise on? We sent out a leaflet to local homes every Christmas with all of the Christmas services listed. They objected to Mary being in the picture on the front.

  2. How many times have you heard this reply – “I was really with you on being one big Christian family and working together until you mentioned the Catholics”.

    I wonder what the uncompromising error was 😀

  3. Well they don’t normally say it directly to our faces – but we do hear it second hand. It doesn’t do to get uptight, after all, there are narrow-minded people on all sides. But it’s their loss – I’ve seldom felt more fulfilled than when we put our differences to one side and work together on some project or other.

  4. I usually give as good as I (or whatever denomination is under fire) get 😉

    It is annoying that I often feel like I should be saying “I go to an Anglican church (I’m sorry)” :-/

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