How to Love Your Neighbour

I was looking through some old photos from my first teaching job.  This was taken really badly in th days when this was as good as you would get from a digital camera.  I set the task of producing a collage showing what the teaching “love your neighbour” really means.  This is what one young man brought me back…

Love your neighbour


2 Responses

  1. Strange what things can trigger off. I once studied some medieval French and read the Lais of Marie de France in Anglo-Norman (there are translations). There was one called Laustic about a beautiful young woman, married to an older nobleman who is often away in tournaments. She is incarcerated in her tower and there is a younger baron living in a nearby tower. They send messages and little gifts to each other using a nightingale to carry them between the towers. The husband finds out, gets jealous, kills the nightingale and throws it at his wife. She sends the dead bird to her ‘lover’ who realises what has happened. He has a little reliquary made for the bird and wears it around his neck for the rest of his days…who’d have thought your little memory would spark that one?

  2. Wow. What a tale to be sparked by the love of a neighbour!!

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