Abuse of Power

My friends and I have been having a debate over the purpose of a sermon.  One conclusion is that a sermon is not a personally sounding board to vent your own frustrations and entertain with personal anecdotes to illustrate your frustration.

With this in mind, what is the ASDA fast lane all about?  I have used the self service counter now on numerous occasions.  On precisely zero of these occasions, I have been able to proceed without the assistance of a member of staff to reset the computer because of a glitch.  If I am going to need a member of staff to enable me to self service myself, it kind of defeats the point! They may as well just have another ordinary till!!  At the end of the whole debacle, the computer states “thank you for using the fast lane”.  This is mildly ironic at best and annoying at worst.

So to sum up my point, a sermon should not be used as an opportunity to publish your own personal frustrations.


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