Geminid Meteor Shower

I went out last night to look for Geminid meteors.  I took my camera with me on the hope of taking some shots.  I started the process by going to Jessops to get something that would allow me to use a long exposure of more than 30 seconds.  Here lies my first mistake – Jessops have nothing in stock.  Do’h.

 We went out at about 12:30 but it was unbelievably cold.  Ruth was driving and getting cold so we didn’t stay long and didn’t see anything.  The camera may have done when I have a look after work. 

Apparantly the best time for viewing is around dawn where up to 12 “shooting stars” and hour are visible.  I may try again tonight but from past experience, the second night of anything, once you know what you are doing, it is always foggy!


3 Responses

  1. Nice if you can find a place which isn’t tainted by light pollution. I remember a couple of years back sitting outside a tent on campsite in Cornwall watching the specacular Perseids – people must have thought we were nutters! But an absolutely incredible show and absolutely free – pointless even trying to see it where I live.

  2. We spent the weekend in Wales in the middle of nowhere. There was zero light pollution at all and I managed to take some light trails. At the time I only had a film SLR so I couldn’t change anything to improve them – didn’t know what happened. I’m going to have another go in the future to see if I can get better ones.

  3. We live a pretty short drive from the middle of nowhere (so less light pollution), and saw a TON of meteors earlier tonight, but only managed to get one with the camera… 30 second exposures are my camera’s max. Good luck seeing some tomorrow! It was an amazing show.

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