Liverpool Nativity

I’ve just seen an advert for the Liverpool Nativity.  It is on Sunday night at 8PM on BBC3.  It doesn’t seem to be as high profile as the Manchester Passion in 2006 but if the production is as good it should be well worth a watch.


4 Responses

  1. yeah i’m looking forward to this. got the youth group coming round to watch it. have to say though i didnt think the Manchester passion was that well advertised either

  2. I rememeber a bit of a buzz about it but that could be something to do with the people I was hanging out with 😀

    I mentioned it to my Year 7 drama group – I’m getting them to modernise the Nativity. There were a few who remembered the Manchester Passion and a few were going to watch it. I’ll ask them next week if they did 😉

  3. not bad…….very good tech suport

    bit heavy on the Beatles but i guess we expected that!

  4. I know what you mean. It was the Beatles numbers that Ruth and I knew. It must be a logistical nightmare!!

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